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Advantages Of Using Our Resume Writing Service.

A professionally written resume is vital to attracting and engaging prospective employers. For any particular role, you could be going against upwards of one thousand candidates. In order to be invited for the interview, you need to get past the ATS (gatekeeper of the recruiting process) and then gain the interest of the recruiter. In order to do so, your resume needs to be crafted in a way that captures and illuminates your experience, expertise, academic accomplishments, and your personality. In addition to the content of the resume itself, the resume has to be keyword enriched, formatted correctly, and use flawless grammar. For someone who isn’t trained and doesn’t write resumes daily, it is easy to fall short in one of these areas. Hiring a professional resume writer is a small investment that yields big returns.

Beat The Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An applicant tracking system is a software application used by employers that enables the electronic handling of the recruitment process. Many ATS’s are equipped with AI based features that help recruiters sift through hundreds or even thousands of applications. Some of these software’s can even rank candidates based on how their resume matches the job description they applied for. Think of the ATS as the gatekeeper to your dream job. You have to get past it first for a shot to land the role. We use a combination of ATS friendly templates and keyword enriched content to get past the bots and onto the recruiters desk. We sill scan the job description for keywords and add them to your resume to make sure your resume gets into the right hands. If the job calls for a “self-starter,” a “servant leader,” or someone “eager to learn,” we will be sure to add those in. Technology is moving forward, don’t get left behind!

Do You Want To Win Over The Recruiter?

Tyler Brodeur

You only have one chance to make a first impression. On average, recruiters spend less than 10 seconds reading over your resume before deciding whether or not they wish to continue analyzing your background. That isn’t a lot of time to impress a potential employer so knowing how come out of the gate strong is critical.

The first thing a recruiter will notice is if your resume is formatted correctly and if it is clear and concise. Secondly they will go straight to your professional summary to get an idea of who you are, what you have accomplished, and where you want to go professionally. If you get past this step, they will continue on to your work history (experience). At this point, they will be looking for organized content, quantified results or accomplishments (not a task completer), well-crafted descriptors, and demonstrated reliability. With a team of current and former recruiting professionals, we know how to craft your resume to leave recruiters craving more!

We Offer Resume Services For The Most Popular Sectors.

If you do not see your industry, it doesn’t mean we don’t work in it, please send us a message.

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How Does The Resume Writing Process Work?

After you choose your service or package, you will be contacted by your coach for a new client intake. For all services purchased, your coach will provide a first draft within one week of the completed intake. You will have a week to provide feedback to your coach and may receive two rounds of revision in addition to the first draft. The whole process typically takes one to two weeks.

Ready For Your New Job?

A well written resume is the key to unlock the door to the job you have always dreamed of.

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Our Latest Hired Applicant. 

Ashley G,
Ashley G,Marriott International
Landing the first job that is going to launch my career would not have been possible without the advice and guidance of Coach Tyler. With his help, I was able to look at my skills and experience in a different light. This allowed me to shift the focus of my resume more towards the industry I wanted to break into. Tyler also prepped me for the interview. With his support and a little bit of constructive criticism, I walked into my interview with confidence, knowing that I was very well prepared. Thank you, Tyler